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ASPnet Newsletter - CONNECT (Issue 7)

22. maj 2020

Dear National Coordinators,
Dear Teachers and Students,

I am very proud to say that our first global webinar, held on 12 May 2020, was a big success with more than 620 participants from over 80 countries. 

Our voices, your experiences and ideas were the heart and soul of the webinar. Testimonies by the invited teachers, students and parents as speakers from different regions made us aware of the reality on the ground. Each one of their stories moved our heart and inspired our mind. We learned so much from this webinar. Thank you to you all who were there to share the moment of solidarity.

I particularly appreciated the over 300 mindful contributions by the participants flown in throughout the over-90-minute webinar from all over the world through chat, which reflected key issues shared at  the  discussion, including those vocal interventions from Greece, Canada, Japan and Germany.  It is also a great encouragement for our team to continue receiving overwhelming positive feedback from you, dear ASPnet members, participants, as well as colleagues and experts within UNESCO.  If you haven’t done so, please give us your feedback and suggestions through our Evaluation form.

As the requests for participation exceeded the capacity of our Zoom platform, we also livestreamed the webinar on Youtube, which is now available for you and you to share with your friends and colleagues.  The webinar is also featured as news article on UNESCO’s website.

I am also happy to share big news with you: two of our student from the ASPnet, one of who was a speaker of the webinar, are now being featured in a short BBC's ‘Day in lockdown life’ film ‘Day in lockdown life’ film . We thank them for having first responded to our call for the UNESCO Campaign #LeaningNeverStops. Big congratulations to you Nanda from Indonesia and Marwa from Lebanon!

The ASPnet Global Coordination team will also take into consideration several highlighted themes raised at the webinar, not only as part of the UNESCO’s COVID-19 response, but also more broadly as how to facilitate your needs and initiatives! These efforts include a development of the know-how guidance tool to help organizing your own webinars and to continue discussions across your schools, communities, countries and regions.

We dedicate this issue to share with you the food for thought presented at the global webinar, including the presentations, questions and comments. While this issue contains links to these materials, please bear with us as some of the documents may need some more time for translation in all three languages, English, French and Spanish.

Last but not least, our webinar was organized in collaboration with the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE), whose Director, Mr. Tao Zhan, kindly sent us a message.   

We welcome your comments and ideas for our future activities.

ASPnet Newsletter "Successful Global Webinar" (Issue 7) in PDF

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