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Global Webinar 'COVID-19: Reflections by the ASP community'

11. maj 2020

It is now the time to give space for your voices on the centre stage. Your contributions and messages have been received with great appreciation and shared through various UNESCO channels, featuring the #LearningNeverStops Campaign as Covid-19 response on the UNESCO site, which spread across UNESCO and the global learning community. From this ongoing experience since the lockdown, we the ASPnet team feel more than ever the importance of engaging ourselves to hear the voices on the real ground of our community; what the teaching and learning challenges and solutions look like, and to connect such voices to another in the spirit of sharing compassion and solidarity.

For this reason we are dedicating this issue to show you in depth of the global ASPnet webinar that we are organizing to take lace on May 12, which will address questions on lessons learnt on the remote learning, learning out of school, how to reimagine going back to school and what the future of education could look like from your perspectives. We will have students, teachers and parents from the ASPnet members as speakers, and our discussions will be joined by experts from UNESCO’s International Institute for Information Techologies in Education (IITE) as well as from the section on Futures of Education.

The webinar is jointly organized with IITE. The outcome will contribute not only to the ASPnet community, but also to the UNESCO’s education response as well as to the global learning community with your valuable experiences, initiatives, strategies and ideas.

Your will find in this issue a good overview of the webinar with links to further information and documents, as well as to the registration form. As we can only accommodate up to 500 participats, we urge you to register today. Please join us to connect live with all our members for the first in the history of ASPnet.

The ASPnet team looks forward to ‘seeing’ you on 12 May!

Stay safe. Stay CONNECTed!

ASPnet Newsletter “Global Webinar Reflections” (Issue 6) in PDF

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