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International Day of Light

26. marec 2018

Dear ASPnet National Coordinator,

I am writing to invite you and all your schools to participate in the celebration of the first International Day of Light that has been proclaimed at the 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference. The purpose of this annual International Day is to enable global appreciation of the central role that light plays in our daily lives in so many different ways in areas of science, culture and development. Light is also a fascinating and inspiring topic in education, and we would like to encourage you to plan an activity or activities within your own country for the first ever International Day of Light on 16 May 2018. 

The International Day of Light partners include a wide range of universities, non-profit associations and NGOs. They are especially enthusiastic to work with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network to plan outreach and education activities targeted at children and young people.  In fact, teachers can already get ideas about potential activities that could be planned by reviewing general information about light and its uses developed in 2015 for the International Year of Light (see www.light2015.org) and by exploring resources such as 100 outreach activities with light which describes specific activities suitable for individuals, classrooms, or for public groups. 

As ASPnet National Coordinators, you can start to make contact with the International Day of Light team in different ways:

  1. Many countries are coordinating their activities on the International Day of Light through “National Nodes” that can be contacted via the email address found on the International Day of Light website: www.lightday.org;
  2. Many international scientific societies have very active outreach programmes involving students from local universities, and to learn more about these, please contact the International Day of Light secretariat at dayoflight@eps.org;
  3. For questions of a general nature, please contact Mr Martiale Zebaze Kana at UNESCO’s International Basic Sciences Programme: m.zebaze-kana@unesco.org

Do keep us informed of your plans, through email and posts on the Online Tool for ASPnet (OTA)!

With best regards,

Sabine Detzel
International Coordinator of the Associated Schools Network (ASPnet)

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