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Changing the Face of Stem

17. april 2018

Microsoft Europe is partnering with UNESCO to hold an event on Wednesday 25 April in honour of Girls in ICT Day. “Changing the Face of STEM” aims to break the stereotypes around STEM education and careers. The sessions will explore research on STEM education and bring forward inspirational female role models to inspire young people, educators and policy makers. Interested ASPnet students and educators are invited to join the event virtually.

Join the event live on 25 April!

Click HERE for the morning livestream to learn about the latest research on STEM education in Europe and hear examples by governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector on engaging girls and retaining their interest in STEM education and careers.

Click HERE for the afternoon livestream to see interactive sessions on STEM education (demonstrations of creative lesson plans to teach STEM in the classroom) and STEM role models.

Join the conversation on social media via #MakeWhatsNext and #GirlsCrackTheCode

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