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ASPnet Newsletter - CONNECT (Issue 5)

5. maj 2020

Dear National Coordinators,
Dear Teachers and Students,

In most of our countries amid lockdowns schools have been closed with teachers, students and their parents coping with online and distance learning for quite some time now – long enough for much anticipation along with some anxiety in view of planning and preparations for schools to reopen. It is a topic being reported and discussed in the media around the world, with countries preparing as best as possible for the gradual lifting of restrictions.

We want to connect with you, our dear members, on this important issue and share information about current events, guidance and messages around the complexities of how and when to reopen schools.

UNESCO held a webinar very recently on this very topic and in this issue of our newsletter we want to share experts’ and countries’ presentations. As our community is an important channel for voices from the ground, voices of teachers and students on how they are experiencing the current situation, ASPnet will orgnanize its very own webinar to offer a platform for your voices. The announcement and further details are also in this issue.

I am also very happy that the International Centre for UNESCO ASPnet in China which we collaborate with closely gives us a message of encouragement and hope featuring here.

Staying CONNECT-ed also means keeping up with what UNESCO is doing, so we are keeping you up to date with further information on what else UNESCO is doing, with regards to the reopening of schools, as well as other initiatives.

It is great to see the level of solidarity among our ASPnet community, also demonstrated in the many messages of solidarity learners and teachers continue to send, and many new and very inspiring ones are again in this new issue.

Stay safe. Stay CONNECTed!

ASPnet Newsletter “Back to school?” (Issue 5) in PDF

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