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ASPnet Newsletter - CONNECT (Issue 4)

27. april 2020

Dear National Coordinators,
Dear Teachers and Students,

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to lockdowns, school closures and social distancing. Restricted movement, disrupted routines, limited social interactions and lack of traditional learning methods has led to increased pressure, stress and anxiety for every one of us.

Within this context, global citizenship education is ever more important. Knowledge, skills, attitudes and values associated with and derived through global citizenship education can significantly contribute to addressing coping and reversing negative emotions and behavior we experience during this crisis.

Engaging in social and emotional learning in particular can be an effective way of staying healthy and positive, navigating emotions, practising mindful engagement, exhibiting pro-social behavior and coping with daily challenges.

In this newsletter issue, you will find some guidance on how to engage in social and emotional learning – on your own and with others – and you can see and read about how ASPnet teachers,  students and parents deal with the current crisis. 

COVID-19 provides us with many challenges but also opportunities. The global health pandemic cannot be defeated by health measures alone. We need to address it together through showing solidarity, empathy and our appreciation of our common humanity.  For instance in France, every night at 8pm, we clap hands from our windows to applaude for the tireless efforts of health workers at the forefront in the fight against this pandemic. In other countries, people sing from balconies to boost morale and inspire hope across the world.  Likewise, we, as the ASPnet community  can show our solidarity by  finding ways to work through it together in the spirit of Global Citizens.

Stay safe. Stay CONNECTed!

ASPnet Newsletter “We are Global Citizens” (Issue 4) in PDF

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